Our Mission & Vision...

Prospects First is a youth and family centered organization created to assist and guide competitive athletes, through broad and unbiased means, to better navigate the complex world of college and professional recruitment.

Through our mission we strive to create an educated community better equipped to make both short and long term decisions for their youth and their families.


Over my 16 year career in professional baseball I have been fortunate to observe & advise players career's from High School to the Big Leagues through different lenses. My background in scouting, player development & player representation has given me a unique look into decisions that impact a players career, both positively & negatively.

I have reached a point where trying to help athletes has become a passion, & over the past 10 years I have searched for a way to help amateur athletes progress from High School to college & beyond in a way that was helpful & unbiased. While I have enjoyed the players that I have had the opportunity to work with directly, I have also realized that players careers are unique & very case specific. If I do not have an opportunity to directly get to know a player & family offering truly good advise is not possible.

During this process I have determined that the best way to help kids through this unique process is to give players & families the experiences my career has afforded me. I have learned so much from simply sitting around tables with coaches, agents, recruiters & scouts talking about the business. Asking questions & trying to understand the world around me, I thought the best way to help was to recreate the situations that has helped me.

Most families only go through searching for the right athletic program once in their lives, and every decision that follows seems to be impacted by the first. The decisions that follow a college choice also become more complex & finding unbiased advice is next to impossible. The pool of people available to athletes & their families only shrinks as you progress when seeking unbiased counsel. While most people that I have dealt with have been honest, most also have had a vested interest in the outcome you choose.

The goal of Prospects First is to allow families & their young student athletes to have similar experiences as I have. We are bringing together a talented group of college coaches, scouts, trainers, doctors, academic and athletic advisors, as well as players & families that have also been through the process. The weekend sports conference will be filled with fun & learning. You will hear stories straight from these people & will have a chance to ask questions & interact with them. This process will allow you to get many view points & deciding what choices best fit you & your family. Information is power & our goal is to give the power to the athletes & their families.

--Founder, Prospects First

Next Steps...

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